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Group Riding Part 1


Rider education and safety is very important for all of us. One of the questions often asked at our events is our group riding policy. Members of Leather and Lace MC are required to ride side by side at all Lace events.

There are several advantages for motorcyclists who ride in groups:

  • a group is usually more visible to other drivers than a solo rider;
  • other vehicles can predict what a rider in a group will do because all members generally maintain fixed positions and fixed intervals between riders;
  • in case of a mechanical problem or an accident, help is available immediately to the rider. A member of the group may carry a cell-phone. Usually some riders in a group are trained in First Aid and CPR. They are often aware of safety information and accident management procedures that non-riders may not know -- for example, not to remove the helmet of a downed rider unless breathing is inhibited, where to find particular medical information for a downed rider; how to manage an accident scene to prevent complications, etc.; and
  • it can be a lot more FUN!

In addition, motorcyclists tend to learn a great deal from each other about their sport. Planned stops along the way offer a fine opportunity to socialize and to share valuable tips and techniques.

Group Riding: Why Not?

Group riding is not for everyone. It requires a certain level of skill and self-discipline. It restricts an individual rider’s options as to speed, changes in route, and lane positioning. To attempt to ride in a group without having good basic riding skills and a good sense of what others in the group are likely to do -- and what they expect you to do -- is an invitation to an accident, one that may involve damage and injuries to more than one bike and one rider. It is also a matter of personality, in that group riding requires good communications, courtesy among riders and a willingness to look out for the safety of others while riding your own ride.

Practicing group riding techniques by yourself will increase you confidence and riding skills, making you more comfortable in the pack. As we have said many times, practice by using half of the lane, when you become comfortable in that half switch to the other half a practice in it. In addition, if you have a Sister you can ride with practice with her.

Group riding is a necessary skill because during Leather and Lace MC events group riding is the safest, easiest, and most efficient way to move all of our Sisters.

Missy "Taz” Thorpe

Last Modified: May 26, 2017
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