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Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 Jacket


Joe Rocket JacketHello Sisters. I am going to start doing Product reviews for everyone. The first thing I am going to review is my Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 Jacket. Many of you got to see this Jacket at Nationals during the Safety seminar.

This jacket I bought off a friend who needed the money and it was only worn maybe 5 times before I received it. The jacket is a summer weight /perforated/armored riding jacket. It is a Man’s size Large, Red/white/black in color, with reflective material, and has armor in the back, shoulders, elbows, and forearms. It also has a waterproof zip in liner.

I started to wear this jacket this spring. The first thing I noticed the fit. And this could be because it is a Men’s size but the arms fit well but the torso is almost too big. I have the Velcro side adjusters all the way in. When I ride the back pad wants to climb up my back. I am constantly pushing it back down with my helmet. I have looked on line and both the Men’s and Women’s newest version of this jacket now have more adjustment straps that look like they should help with both the fit and the movement of that pad.

The next thing is that Arm adjusting snaps. It has two elastic straps that snap in place to adjust the arms so the armor is in proper place and that the extra material does not flap in the wind. These snaps do not all stay snapped and end up flapping as you go down the road. This was not changed on the newer versions.

This jacket has many pockets but I found when I put my wallet in the "Faceshield” pocket that it will move and I can’t get to my wallet when I need it. I stopped at a gas station and the wallet had moved to back behind my back and I had to have help to get it out so I could pay. Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0

The Liner is another issue and the one that bothers me the most. This zip in liner is waterproof but it does not keep the cold out. It gets cold and then makes you colder. You need to wear another jacket under it to stay warm on cool spring nights or mornings. The other issue I have is that it needs vents. It suctions to my arms and I can’t get out of the jacket without turning it inside out. I had Dana help me out of it the other day and we broke one of snaps that holds the sleeve in place. This has not been changed in the new versions. I have written to the company about this.

When the weather is nice enough to take the liner out the jacket is much better. And I have better mobility. The air flow is good, it is like having a long sleeve t-shirt on with the added benefit of the armor.

The only other issue I found is that when I have the jacket on I have more of a chip on my shoulder. It is like It is ok I have armor on you can’t hurt me. I recognize this and am trying to not be like that.

There you have it. I do like the jacket, but not the liner. I also found I like it better under my vest than when I ware it without. I think the weight of my vest keeps the back pad from creeping up so bad. Joe Rocket makes a good product but I know I did like my old First Gear version of this type of jacket better. When buying a brand Joe Rocket Jacketnew summer riding jacket I would look around at other options and check to see if Joe Rocket made needed improvements before I bought another Phoenix jacket.

Last Modified: May 26, 2017
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