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Pre-Ride Check



a)What is proper pressure:

Proper Tire pressure is usually listed on a tag on the bike, in the owner’s manual and on the tire itself.

b)How to check:

Tire gauges are cheap and easy to carry with you.The come in manual with a dial, or stick to read or Digital that prints out the numbers.

Take off valve stem cap and check with tire gauge. Remember to replace cap and as doing so check that there is no air leaking from the valve.


a)Is there still good tread.

(1)Check using penny. If Lincoln’s head can be completely seen there is not enough tread.


a)Any cracks, damage, or other issues? Look, listen and feel .

B.  Oil

1.Know where on your bike to check.

a)Ask dealer

b)Looking in manual

c)Ask another rider with same bike.

2.Does your bike have a dipstick or a sight glass?

a)Dipstick – pull out, wipe off, put back in, pull back out, and look for marking on it, make sure oil level on the dipstick is in the good or full area.

b)Sight glass – look at level in glass and make sure it is in the full area.

C.  Lights

1.Headlight(s) and taillight(s).

a)Make sure all lights are functioning

b)Check both High and low beams

2.Turn signals/hazard lights

a)Make sure all lights are functioning

3.Brake lights

a)Make sure all lights are functioning

D.  Controls

1.Are all controls functional?

2.Check to see if controls need adjusted

a)Clutch – manual adjustment

b)Shifter need tightened?

c)Throttle lock or cruise control need to be adjusted?


1.Make sure Mirrors are set to maximize your line of sight and lessen your blind spots.

a)Can hand adjust

b)Use tools to adjust

F.  Fuel

1.Know how much fuel is in tank and how far you can go on it.

2.Make sure there are no leaks

3.Make sure Fuel valve is open and in the correct position.

G.  Start and Run

1.Does your bike need to be choked

a)Know where the choke is on your bike

2.Does your bike have to have the Carburetor primed?

3.Unlock forks and or ignition

4.Turn on Key

5.Move Kill switch to Run

a) Push the start button/ Kick the kick starter

Last Modified: May 26, 2017
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