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Motorcycle Basics - Make Sure You Have Your Proper Paperwork


Do you have your motorcycle License or endorsement?   You should we require it to be a member.   Some states such as Alabama didn't have a way to license motorcycle riders so when they did implement this they gave all licensed Drivers the Motorcycle endorsement.  Scary isn't it?   Many states offer a Motorcycle Safety Class that when you complete it you can get your Motorcycle endorsement.    These classes maybe expensive , like the ones offered by Harley Davidson that are round $300.00.  Some states like Illinois offer Free Classes, you put $20.00 down to hold your spot then you get that back at end of class.    Even you already have your endorsement taking one of these classes every few years is a good way to keep your skills sharp.

Make sure you have your Registration on you or the bike.  If you are pulled over they will ask for it.   I've never been asked for it in my truck but I have every time on my bike, even at a safety check. 

 You should also carry your insurance card.   Especially in states like Florida where you need the insurance card or you are required to wear your helmet. 

 You should also have an In Case of Emergency Contact info Card.

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